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sanguini la vostra fede


Sweet Cyanide
18 November
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80's movies, advil, aim, alanis morissette, alfred hitchcock, alyson hannigan, anal cunt, animal rights, anne rice, arch enemy, art, bisexuality, black cats, black metal, black tar, body modification, bondage, breaking glass, candles, cannibal corpse, cemetaries, chewing gum, children of bodom, chokers, christina aguliera, collide, computers, corsets, cosmetology, cradle of filth, csi, dancing in the rain, dani filth, dieting, dimmu borgir, drew barrymore, dry kill logic, dying fetus, edgar allan poe, ego likeness, eichenbrucher, eyeliner, faeries, fasting, fire, forensics, friends, garbage, gay rights, girls, glass, gothic metal, graveyards, guys, hair styling, halloween, hello kitty, horror movies, iced earth, icons, insanity, jack off jill, james marsters, janis joplin, jessicka, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, kerry king, kidney thieves, kirsten dunst, kittens, kittie, lace, lacuna coil, law and order, lee lee sobieski, lip gloss, living dead dolls, lollipop lust kill, makeup, marilyn manson, marilyn monroe, mark ryden, mascara, meshuggah, ministry, morbid angel, music, my ruin, nail polish, nature, necropheliacs, nightwish, opeth, otep, pain, pantera, paul van dyke, percicepts, piercings, piratexcore, playing guitar, poetry, pro ana/mia, pro homosexuality, qntal, rain, rammstein, rasputina, reading, red rocks, relent for no one, robotics, rubberbands, scarling, screaming, shirley manson, silence of the lambs, slayer, sleepy hollow, slipknot, stelittos, stephen king, string, tampon dollies, tapping the vein, tattoos, tcr, the black dahlia murder, the breakfast club, the craft, the crow, the dreamside, the haunted, the last dance, the nightmare before christmas, the renassiance era, the shocker, the virgin suicides, tim burton, unicorns, vampires, vomit remnants, weed, winonia ryder, writing, xenadrine, you